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Focaccia Bread Art Has Become The New IG Food Art Trend And These Pictures Are A Proof

Focaccia bread art has become the new Instagram food art trend that recently went viral across all the social media platforms and these pictures are proof

Focaccia bread art

Social media has observed several food trends amid the lockdown over the past few months. From Dalgona coffee to Souffle Pancakes, Instagram food trends have become extremely popular among the masses and soon go viral across all the social media platforms.

Yet another food item that has joined the bandwagon is Focaccia bread. Usually, you will never find anyone describing bread as beautiful but the intricate designs on Focacciaia bread, that recently broke the internet will surely have you amazed. 

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Widely known as 'Focaccia bread art', this trend is about making the bread look extremely attractive with edible embellishments using ingredients like edible flowers, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, capers, and grapes to name a few.

An Instagram user by the handle @vineyardbaker has shared various attractive ways of decorating a bread on her page. If you too wish to try your hands at this Instagram food trend, then here are several photographs to draw some inspiration from:

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Focaccia bread art is the new Instagram food trend and THESE pictures are proof


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Which toppings are best for Focaccia bread art?

  • Thinly sliced red onions as flowers
  • Vertically sliced mini bell peppers to make them look like small flowers
  • Horizontally sliced mini bell pepper in strips to make a big sunflower
  • Chives can be used as flower stems
  • Green onions make great flower stems too
  • Parsley can be the perfect choice for leaves
  • Basil can also be a good option for leaves 
  • Half sliced cherry tomatoes make great flower centres
  • Olives too can look great as flower centres
  • Rosemary can give an appearance of small plants
  • Shredded Parmesan can look amazing as sand 
  • With the help of a sharp knife, give tomatoes a nice rose-like appearance

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