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From gold biryani to billion dollar popcorn, check out some of the most expensive dishes

From gold paan in the streets of Delhi to the Royal Gold Biryani with 23 karat edible Gold in Dubai, bizarre food items have been gaining a lot of publicity.

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From black diamond ice cream to the Royal Gold Biryani with 23 karat edible Gold in Dubai, bizarre food items have been gaining a lot of publicity recently. These recipes are just perfect to satisfy your taste buds, however, they might also dig a hole in your packet with the price ranging from Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 20K. Fusion food is a new gastronomical trend gaining momentum in India. This new trend of amalgamating different cuisines is being loved by many and also tried out by most of the restaurants today. 

Understanding the demand of the moment, many restaurants have successfully managed to develop unique fusion dishes that are popular and flavoursome. Here are some of the most respective fusion food recipes that one can enjoy. Let’s have a look.

Black diamond ice cream 

A shop in Dubai named Scoopi Cafe is serving a scoop of Black Diamond ice cream for USD 817 (around Rs 61,387). According to reports, Black Diamond consists of a scoop of Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, which is topped with Italian truffles,  Iranian saffron and edible 23-karat gold flakes. The ice cream is served in a Versace bowl, which anyone can keep.


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The royal gold biryani

A restaurant in Dubai named Bombay Borough  is serving The Royal Gold Biryani. This unique biryani is served with a garnishing of different kinds of grilled meat, raita and more. It comes at a price of AED 1,000, which is approximately Rs 19,707. A gold plate is used for serving this dish which takes three different types of rice and a variety of grilled meat in the making. The restaurant was celebrating its first anniversary but it was the gigantic biryani that caught the attention. The most expensive biryani was garnished with edible 23-carat gold. 

The Mughlai koftas and malai chicken roast served on a bed of saffron-infused biryani. The dish was complemented by a wide selection of our exquisite sauces, curries and raitas. "It is the exuberant journey to experience Royalty. This royal meal is served in a Thaal and the Gold Biryani is garnished with 23 karat edible Gold," wrote the restaurant.


Billion dollar popcorn 

According to the website of Dubai-based Luxhabitat, a 6.5 gallon tin of Berco's Popcorn in Chicago can costs USD 2,500, whic is around Rs 1,87,855. The popcorn is made with a caramel covering and 23-carat gold flakes. Also, these popcorns are seasoned with Laeso salt which is not very easily available.


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24K pizza

A New York based Restaurant Industry Kitchen is selling pizza with a layer of actual gold and is priced at USD 2,700, which is approximately Rs 2,02,928. The dish is topped with edible gold leaf, along with ossetra caviar, foie gras, imported white stilton cheese and truffles. "But make sure you give them the required 48 hours advance notice. But tbh I think I’m good with my regular dominos takeouts at least I get some wedges and bottle of coke", wrote The Luxury Lifestyle on Instagram. 

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