Thalipeeth Recipe: Twist This Maharastrian Snack By Adding Healthy Cauliflower To It


Thalipeeth Recipe: It is a popular multi-grain Maharashtrian snack. Read on to know how to twist this savoury dish with cauliflower. Here is the recipe.

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Many nutritionists have mentioned that having a filling breakfast is important. Sometimes many of us skip our breakfast to keep up with our busy and chaotic working schedule. Making a nutritious breakfast might prove time-consuming, but you can try this traditional Maharashtrian snack recipe for a perfect plate of the breakfast. Thalipeeth, a multi-grain snack, is usually served with pickle or curd. You can twist the traditional recipe of thalipeeth with cauliflower. Below are the ingredients and method of preparing it at home within a few minutes-

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Preparation Time: 10 Minute
Cooking Time: 20 Minute
Serving: 4 People


  • Whole Wheat Flour - 1 Cup
  • Jawar Flour - 1/2 Cup
  • Rice Flour - 1/2 Cup
  • Besan - 1/2 Cup
  • Raagi Flour - 1/4 Cup
  • Soya Saag - 2 Tablespoon
  • Cauliflower - 1/2 Cup (Grated)
  • Onion - 1/4 Cup (Finely Chopped)
  • Ginger - 1 Inch (Grated)
  • Green Chillies - 3-4
  • Cumin Seeds - 1 Teaspoon
  • Fresh Coriander, Finely Chopped 
  • Sesame Seeds - 2 Tablespoon
  • Turmeric Powder - 1/4 Teaspoon
  • Warm Water - To knead the dough

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Optional Ingredients

  • Coriander Powder - 2 Teaspoon
  • Garam Masala - 1 Teaspoon
  • Red Chilly Powder - 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Jaggery - 2 Teaspoon


Mix all the flours in a bowl. Add grated cauliflower, shopped soya saag, ginger, chillies, salt, cumin seeds and other ingredients. Combine everything well. Add warm water to make the dough. The dough should have a different consistency from the roti dough. Knead it for a while and cover with a plate for 15 minutes or so. After a while, get a small plastic or Ziploc bag and moisten it with water. Simultaneously, heat a tawa (pan) on the gas. 

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Divide the dough into two equal portions and spread it on the plastic in a round shape with the help of dry flour. Make a few holes in it. Remember to keep your hand little wet while doing this. Later, gently shift it from the plastic or ziplock bag to your hand. 

Now pop it on a greased hot tawa. Spread some oil around it and into the holes made on it. Fry it for a while on medium heat from both the sides. Keep adding oil or ghee as required to cook it well. Keep frying until it gets brown spots. Now you can serve it hot with pickle or yoghurt. 

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