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Health benefits of consuming roti on a daily basis

Indian bread or chapati can actually benefit your health in many ways. Here are some of the health benefits of consuming roti everyday.

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Roti, also known as chapati is an inseparable part of the Indian diet. Prepared with whole wheat, roti can be paired with vegetables, curries, meat to simply chutneys. There are many benefits of roti which is packed with carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They help you boost your energy and mood. Here are the health benefits of roti that will make you have them on a daily basis.

1. Packed with energy

This is one of the top benefits of roti. They are loaded with carbohydrates that provide you with ample amounts of energy. Also, they are will keep you full for longer hours and you won't feel hungry often. They will provide you with high amounts of energy.

2. Good for skin

Rotis are good for the health of your skin too. They are known to contain zinc and other minerals that help to keep your skin healthy. Zinc is known to have health benefits on your skin and help fight bacteria and viruses. Another benefit of roti is a natural glow on your skin.

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3. Aids digestion

Roti is an excellent source of fibre. They are good for your digestive health problems, especially people who suffer from constant constipation. The fibre content in the roti lowers the risk of constipation. So, it is advised that you consume at the least one roti every day.

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4. Packed with nutrients

Roti is prepared from flour that is not processed with any agents like yeast, making it a healthy food option. It is known to contain zinc, potassium, magnesium, silicon and other mineral salts. These are very essential for a healthy body. The benefits of roti are that it forms a powerhouse of nutrients.

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5. Calorie-friendly

Roti is usually prepared with less or no oil that makes roti a calorie-friendly diet. They are known to contain a lesser amount of calories than the other foods. 

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