Healthy Indian Desserts Like Ragi Sheera And Phirni That Are Good For You


No cuisine is complete without the addition of sweets to it. Here is a list of a few delicious and healthy desserts to try this summer season.

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A meal always feels incomplete when it is not followed by a dessert. With a range of different desserts to pick from, people can easily add different healthy desserts to their meals every day. While traditional desserts often carry a lot of sugar and invite weight gain, people prefer switching it up with something healthy. But now, there are a lot of healthy Indian desserts for weight loss available now. Here is a list of a few healthy desserts for kids that can be used by adults for weight loss as well. 

Healthy Desserts: Healthy Indian desserts for weight loss

Ragi Sheera

This Sheera tops the list of healthy Indian desserts for weight loss due to its low-calorie count. The ragi sheera also makes a spot for itself on the healthy desserts for kids list. Overflowing with calcium, this dessert will definitely satisfy one's sweet tooth. It is made from ghee, ragi, cardamom, and a sugar substitute. 

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Eggless Date and Almond Cake

It is very tough to make a cake without plain flour and sugar. But this eggless date and almond cake is made without sugar and flour. The cake has the added sweetness of dates and makes use of oats to bind the cake. Also called the Khajur Badam Cake, it is made from dates, almond, almond milk, butter and more. 

Jowar Apple Sheera

Jowar Apple Sheera is one of the healthy desserts that is loved by kids and adults alike. It is hard for people to imagine a sweet without sugar in it. This dessert has a satiating taste with the added natural sweetness of Apples. It is made from milk, raisins, honey, cinnamon, ghee, grated apple, and jowar. 

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Oats and Apple Phirni

Oats and Apple Phirni are also one of the most healthy desserts for kids and also delicious to taste. This healthy dessert is popular for its low fat count. Made from apple, oats and low-fat milk, one can easily satisfy their craving for phirni with this one. 

Fig and Cardamom Delight

Kids often don't like desserts made from milk, let alone be a healthy one. But the Fig and Cardomom delight is one of the most loved healthy desserts for kids. Low in calories, this one is also comparatively rich in fiber. This dish is prepared from figs, cardamom, china grass, and low fat-milk. 

DISCLAIMER: The information provided above is curated from a range of different sources. The information in no way should be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the help of a medical professional before you switch up your diet. Take your physician's or any other health provider's advice for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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