Wine Uses: Tips On How To Use Wine For Cooking


Wine is often used to cook various types of desserts and seafood. Here is a list of delicacies you can prepare using wine. Read interesting tips here

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Wine, which is produced using grapes, is a bitter beverage, which is made by fermenting black, green and red grapes. There are many types of wine, popular being the red and white wine. The sweeter one is called a port wine. When you use wine during cooking, the alcohol evaporates as it simmers and you are left with a concentrated flavour, which tastes better. Also, not all types of food go well with wine, so it is really important to understand which food to pair it with. For instance, White wine goes well with delicate food like fish and seafood, or some vegetables. On the other hand, red wine goes well with red meats and pork.

How to Cook food using Wine?

Here’s a beginner's guide to cook dishes with wine:

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Wine for Seafoods

Fish and seafood are cooked in a way that it should remain moist. Some, thus prefer using wine as a substitute for oil, which is a healthier and tastier option. You can add fish in boiling pan and add a teaspoon of wine while cooking it. Wine is also used to marinate meat and fish, which keeps them moist while adding flavour to it. You can use wine to simmer while cooking in a pan or oven.

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Wine for Baking

Wine can be used for baking too. You can add it while baking a cake or bread instead of oil. This not only makes the cake less fatty but also adds additional flavour. Gravies can also be made using wine for portions of pasta or meat. Vegetables, when simmered in Wine or protein, can make a savoury dish.

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Wine for Desserts

When it comes to dessert, wine can be used as fruit dresser and can also be used to poach fruits. Wine can also be used to cook with gelatin, cranberry sauce or to cook with whipped cream. There are desserts completely simmered in wine. Add smaller quantities of wine in cakes, cookies, and pie to give it an additional flavour.

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Note: The amount of wine used for cooking should be in small quantity (not more than  100 ml). Normally, a tablespoon or two will work wonders for your dish.

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