Know Which Places From Around The World Have The Most Delicious Burgers


Burger is a type of fast food that is a favourite for one and all. Here, we bring to you a list of places from all around the world that offer the best burgers.

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Beef, chicken, veggie, smothered in melted cheese, dripping with burger sauce, and topped with tangy pickles; naturally it is very hard to beat a burger. A burger is a classic fast-food that has been elevated to new heights over recent years. With everyone, from fancy restaurants to trendy street food trucks putting their spin on the burger, this food item has become one of the most popular food items almost anywhere you go. Read ahead to know about the best burgers in the world-

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Best burgers in the world

Fleur, Las Vegas


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This is widely thought to be one of the most expensive burgers in the world, as it costs $5,000. It is served in a restaurant in Las Vegas, Fleur. The burger consists of Kobe beef, foie gras, and lots of truffles. The price tag also includes a rare bottle of Petrus and the diners get to keep the glasses too.

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Patty and Bun, London


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This burger is from Patty and Bun, London. This London chain is fast developing a cult following for their juicy beef patties and brioche buns. All burgers from the place are extremely delicious, but the best one is ‘Smokey Robinson’, which consists of beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, and smokey P&B mayo in a brioche bun.

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In-N-Out, California


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In-N-Out, California serves one of the most delicious burgers in the world. It is a very popular place in LA, and it focuses on fresh ingredients and even offers a ‘protein style’ burger, which uses lettuce leaves instead of a bun. Not only the Angelenos, but everybody in the world loves these burgers.

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Au Cheval, Chicago


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This burger is served in Au Cheval, Chicago. It was voted as the best burger in the world by The Burger Guide. Au Cheval serves up double and single cheeseburgers, with the option of adding bacon and egg. Au Cheval's burger blends juicy and tender beef with melted cheese, egg, and thick-cut bacon in a rich, messy. It offers a completely transformational burger experience.

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