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Mangalorean Food In Mumbai That Will Help You Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Mangalorean food in Mumbai that will make you crave for seafood more often, once tried and tested. Here is a look at all the places to try in the city.

Mangalorean food in Mumbai

Mangalorean cuisine is one of the best things to try if you are a fan of seafood. The dishes in this cuisine serve a variety of fried fishes. Neer dosa and special chicken curry are one of the most well-renowned options available in Mangalorean cuisine. Here are a few options that you must consider if you wish to try out the special cuisine in Mumbai.

Best  Mangalorean food in the city

1.       Sion Lunch Home

The place is one of the best options for seafood. You need to try out the variety in the cuisine that is available here. The food made is prepared using traditional cooking methods. It will give you a very homely vibe. The place is loved for the coastal options that are available on the menu.

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2.       Mahesh Lunch Home

This restaurant is the best place to consider if you are visiting with extended family. The place is posh and serves great food. It also has polite people working as staff. The restaurant is in Juhu, Mumbai. You might have to spend a little extra compared to the other options listed here. However, most people have been of the opinion that it worth the price.

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3.       Ferry Wharf

Another great place to try out Mangalorean food would be Ferry wharf. The best part about this place is that it provides a great ambience at a cheap price. You will have a wide number of seafood options to choose from when it comes to food. Authentic Mangalorean fish dishes are served here. It is placed in Bandra and is reasonable in price.

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4.       Pratap Lunch Home

This place is the most accessible as it is placed in Fort. You will have plenty of cuisines to choose from when it comes to the food served here. The ambience is basic but it will not matter as the food makes up for it. You will only need less than 1000 for two people. It is in the centre of the city so can be tried out any time.

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