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Methi Dishes That Should Be A Part Of Your Winter Meal Before The Season Ends

As winter wraps up its seasonal embrace, let the richness of methi dishes warm your heart and palate.

Nethi vada is a crunchy snack
Nethi vada is a crunchy snack | Image:Unsplash

We associate some things exclusively with winter. Cosying up in your blanket, eating hot parathas early in the morning or sipping hot chocolate while watching Gilmore Girls - all of these activities are the essence of winter for us. As the season paints the world in shades of cool tranquility, there's no better time to relish the distinctive flavours of methi in a variety of culinary delights. Before the season bids its farewell, treat your taste buds to a hearty feast of methi-infused dishes.

Methi malai

Methi cooked with cream - a dish that has contrasting flavour tasting delicious together. This creamy curry brings together the bitterness of methi leaves with the velvety richness of cream and spices. It's a delectable indulgence that elevates your winter dining experience.

Methi malai is a delicious seasonal dish | Image: Pexels

Methi paratha

For a wholesome breakfast or lunch, savour the classic methi paratha. This delicious flatbread combines the slightly bitter notes of methi with the comforting goodness of paratha, creating a perfect winter meal. It tastes best with a nice bowl of masala dahi.

Methi baingan

Your steaming hot bowl of rice will thank you if you pair it with a delicious serving of methi baingan. Methi, cooked with brinjal in a light gravy with hing and tomatoes taste simple yet super indulgent.

Methi aloo

Methi aloo is a winter favourite, where the starchy warmth of potatoes melds seamlessly with the distinctive bitterness of fenugreek. The potatoes are cut in cubes and fried, before adding chopped methi to make this comforting dish.

Methi thepla

Transport yourself to Gujarat with methi thepla, a versatile flatbread enriched with methi leaves, spices, and whole wheat flour. Whether enjoyed on its own or accompanied by curd and pickles, it's a delightful and nutritious winter treat.

Methi thepla with pickle | Image: Freepik

Methi vada

Add a crispy touch to your winter menu with methi vada. These deep-fried fritters combine the goodness of methi with lentils, creating a crunchy exterior and a soft interior. They make for a delightful snack or appetiser during chilly evenings. Enjoy them with green chutney or ketchup.


Published January 29th, 2024 at 09:11 IST

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