Mumbai: Some Of The Best Cafes To Find Fluffy Pancakes In Mumbai


Pancakes are one of the most delicious breakfast dishes to savor early in the morning. Read on to know some of the best cafes to find fluffy pancakes in Mumbai.

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Pancakes are one of the most delicious breakfast dishes to savor early in the morning. Pancakes can be made in a variety of ways. When it comes to pancakes, there are multiple places where one can go to find some of the best pancakes. The city of dreams Mumbai is dotted with numerous restaurants and cafes, so much so that people are often spoilt for choices when they want to pick a restaurant. Listed below are some of the best cafes in Mumbai that serve melt in the mouth pancakes.

Best Pancakes In Mumbai

1) 99 Pancakes

One of the first cafe outlets to start in the city especially for pancakes. They have multiple outlets in different parts of the city. The concept of tiny pancakes drenched in a variety of sweet sauces shall leave anyone craving for more. They have more than 15 different types of pancakes in 28 outlets spread across the city. This cute little place is a must-visit when you're in Mumbai. The pancakes here are light, soft and ones that melt in your mouth. One must definitely try the Holla Nutella pancake here that is filled with Nutella.

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2) The Nutcracker

This is another petite cafe in Mumbai where one can find some of the best dishes. The cafe is small but the dishes they serve get people flocking here from far. The pancakes here are served in a portion of two in one plate with a bunch of sweet sauces. The pancakes are light, fluffy and soft and garnished with icing sugar. This cafe has two outlets in Mumbai and is a must-visit.

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3) Jamjar Dinner

This cafe in Versova is one that is highly recommended for their pancakes. Their Nutella and Banana Pancake is a signature dish that most people love to have. The plate consists of three pancakes and two layers of Nutella and bananas, perfect for two people. They also serve Red Velvet Pancakes that are totally Instagram-worthy.

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