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National Blueberry Day: History, Celebration & Everything About This Delicious Fruit

July 8 is celebrated as National Blueberry Day to spread awareness about the health benefits of this fruit. Here is everything about the fruits & its origin.

national blueberry day history

July 8 is celebrated as National Blueberry Day to spread awareness about the health benefits of this fruit. In addition to their great taste, Blueberries are rich in fibre and loaded with antioxidants. From lowering cholesterol to promoting a healthy heart, various studies claim that eating blueberries every day can make a positive change to one’s lifestyle.

Eating blueberries regularly can be tremendously beneficial for one’s health. Here is everything that you need to know about the fruit and the origin of National Blueberry Day.

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National Blueberry Day: History

An organisation namely Holiday Insights declared July 8 as National Blueberry Day. The main goal of the day is to recognize the amazing health benefits of the tasty berries. According to the website Blueberry Council, these berries are a good source of dietary fibre which reduces the risk of heart disease. Blueberries also add bulk to one’s diet and help one feel full faster.   

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10 Benefits of Blueberries by Healthline:

  • Blueberries are low in calories and rich in Nutrients
  • They are the best source of antioxidant food intake
  • Blueberries also reduce DNA damage which may help in protecting one against ageing and cancer
  • Blueberries control the cholesterol in one’s body and protect it from becoming damaged
  • This fruit can also help in lowering blood pressure
  • They can also reduce heart risks
  • Blueberries help in maintaining brain function and it also improves one’s memory
  • Anthocyanin found in Blueberries may also have Anti-Diabetes effects
  • They may even help fight Urinary Tract infections
  • Blueberries may also help in reducing muscle damage after strenuous exercise

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How to celebrate National Blueberry Day

One can celebrate the National Blueberry Day by enjoying this incredibly healthy and nutritious fruit. They can be enjoyed either fresh or frozen. One can plan a diet for themselves, which includes blueberries in their regular food intake. National Blueberry Day will also see netizens promoting the health benefit of the fruit across social media. These flowering plants are perennial and come in two colours blue and purple. Native to North America, these highbush varieties were introduced back in the 1930s in Europe.

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