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Punjabi dishes: Best delicacies to include in your low calorie diet

Punjabi dishes have a reputation for being spicy. But by following certain rules like reducing the amount of butter, oil, cream, you can add them to your diet.

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Punjabi dishes have a reputation for being spicy. Most of the people think that scrumptious food is unhealthy and should not be consumed regularly. To break this myth, here are some of the delicious Punjabi items which are both healthy and will tickle your taste buds. You only have to follow certain rules like reducing the amount of butter, oil, cream, and cheese. Here are some yummy dishes that are low on calories and tasty too.

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1.   Buttermilk

Lassi or chhaas is a natural cooler. This healthy drink contains a lower amount of fat and helps in digestion. Rich in multiple nutrients, it tastes yummy alongside gheelicious paranthas. 

2.   Chicken Tikka 

This scrumptious dish is popular amongst Punjabis. Loaded with innumerable health benefits, this dish makes a wholesome starter meal. This amazing dish can also be prepared using less oil and spices as it would still provide the same taste. Savour chicken tikka with fresh onions, squeezed lime juice, and pudina chutney for best flavours. 

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3.   Palak Paneer

Paneer diced in rich thick palak gravy is one of the most loved Punjabi dishes. Loaded with the benefits of protein and iron, this perfect combination is served in every household. You can have Palak Paneer with less added clarified butter to avoid consuming unnecessary fat. You can savour this melt in mouth dish with chapatti or rice, as per your preference. 

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4.   Papad

Munching on the thin and crispy papad feels like heaven. Undoubtedly, papad tastes the best when fried in refined oil. But for a healthy substitute, we can ditch oil and opt for microwaved crisp.  Moreover, you can also directly roast in on the flame. 

5.   Arhar Dal

Almost every Indian household is familiar with Dal Tadka. It tastes delicious with piping hot steam rice. Dal has multiple health benefits and is versatile enough to be cooked in different ways. Furthermore, this soupy good is full of protein and easily digestible. Not only little kids, but also elders enjoy Dal Tadka with rice, raita and achaar

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