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Quarantine Cooking Ideas: Five Different And Easy Poha Recipes

Here are some delicious and easy to make Poha recipes for quarantine cooking. These are very different from the usual style of cooking poha. Read on to know.

Quarantine cooking

Poha is one of the most frequently made breakfast or snack in India. It is not only an easy recipe but is very flexible in terms of ingredients. Poha has different names in different parts of the country and its preparation also varies. For all those who are running out of easy to make recipe ideas for quarantine cooking, here are five different Poha recipes to try from:

Bengali style Poha for quarantine cooking ideas

The Bengali style Poha is one of the easiest Poha recipes that one can make at home. The cooking procedure includes steaming vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, green peas and beans separately. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds to it letting it crackle. Add the steamed vegetables followed by the poha. One can also add peanuts and raisins for some sweetness. Sprinkle salt and sugar to add seasoning to the poha. Stir until everything is mixed well and allow to cook for three to four minutes. Take off from the heat and serve hot. 

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Tamil style Poha for quarantine cooking ideas

The Tamil style poha is an easy-to-make recipe for quarantine cooking. To make this style of poha mix freshly grounded coconut, jaggery, lime juice, coriander and green chillies to make a paste out of it. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds to it along with urad dal and curry leaves. Add the mixture along with the poha. Add seasoning and stir it well. Serve hot. 

Tomato and green peas poha for quarantine cooking ideas

To make this poha blanch the green peas separately and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds allowing them to cackle. Then add fennel seeds and garlic, asafoetida, curry leaves and onion and stir it well. After this add, tomatoes and green chillies and saute it until the tomatoes turn into a mushy mixture. Add turmeric, red chilli powder and coriander powder and mix it well followed by poha and seasoning. Mix everything well and serve it hot. 

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Spicy and Tangy Poha with peanuts for quarantine cooking ideas

To make this poha, heat oil in a pan and add mustard and cumin seeds allowing them to sputter. Then add curry leaves, onions, red and green bell pepper, green peas and beans. Saute for some time and add the Poha along with turmeric, roasted peanuts and seasoning. Mix well and let it cook in the steam for three to four minutes. Squeeze the juice of a lemon before serving hot. 

Kanwar style Poha for quarantine cooking ideas

The Kanwar style poha is a more sweetened version of the otherwise savoury poha. To make this one needs to use the red poha. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, urad dal and chana dal allowing them to sputter. Then add asafoetida, curry leaves followed by cashew nuts. Saute until the nuts have become brown and then add poha, grounded coconut and seasoning. Mix everything well and serve it hot. 

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