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How To Make Dosa Crispy & Perfect - Tips To Make This Popular Dish At Home

Here are some simple tips on how to make dosa crispy while making it at home. Read to know more.

how to make dosa crispy

People across the nation love South Indian food. When it comes to South Indian dishes, Dosa is the one dish that is loved by everyone, right from kids to grown-ups. Most people love crispy dosas and for the dosa to be crispier, here are some simple tips that you need to keep in mind. To make your dosa like that of your favourite restaurant, these simple tips need to be followed. 

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Tips on how to make Dosas crispy at home

  • While making the dosa batter pay attention to the quantity of the ingredients. You need to soak four cups of rice and one cup of urad dal for about four hours or even overnight in water. Later you need to blend the soaked rice and dal in the mixer. 
  • For making the dosa more crispy you can add half a cup of puffed rice.
  • The batter that is made can be stored up to a week and later it turns sour. However, experts suggest that instead of storing the batter in a stainless steel container you can store it in an airtight plastic or ceramic container. By this, the batter stays good for longer than a week. 
  • If you store your dosa batter in the refrigerator, you need to remove it at least 15 to 20 minutes before you make the dosas. 
  • While pouring the dosa on the non-stick tawa, you need to make sure the Tawa is hot. To check this, you can sprinkle some water over the tawa. If it sizzles then it is hot enough. 
  • You can use half an onion to evenly spread the oil on the Tawa before pouring the batter. 
  • After pouring the batter on the tawa, pour 1 tsp of oil in the middle of the Tawa and the sides and leave it for a minute. This will make the dosa very crispy. 

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