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Traditional food: 4 popular Rajasthani dishes everyone must try

Rajasthan is famous for its food. Food items like baati and churma, kadi, and many more is a must-try. Read more about these dishes here.

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Rajasthani food includes a wide spread of food items like tangy drinks to spicy starters, sabzis and crunchy bread along with added chutney, achars, papad and Chhach delights. Rajasthan is renowned for its rich culture, but the state's food is what makes the state special and famous. Rajasthan's most famous dishes are Dal Bati Churma and Kadi. Without trying this food, your trip to Rajasthan is indeed incomplete. Popular traditional foods in Rajasthan:  

Bajre ki roti and Lushan ki chutney

Bajre ki roti made of millet, also known as Bajra. It is a very popular flatbread that can be enjoyed in Rajasthan. Although it can be taken with any vegetable dish or Kadhi, it is typically served with garlic onions and Lasun ki chutney. This mixture is delicious and a must-try dish.

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Daal Baati Churma

Daal Baati Churma is one of Rajasthani's signature dishes. This delicious dish consists of a mixture of three different items, namely a spicy Dal, a deep-fried Baati, and a mouth-watering, slightly sweet Churma cooked with various ingredients. The Baatis are baked flaky round pieces of bread made from wheat flour, also known as Gehun ka atta, Semolina, Bengal gram flour, sugar, milk and ghee. These Baatis are crushed and mixed with jaggery and sugar to form the Churma. The daal item is made up of five separate dals, such as chana dal (split Bengal gram), Toovar (Arhar), moong dal (split green gram), urad dal (split black lentil), and whole moong (whole green gram).

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Rajasthani Kadi

This light and balanced meal is a state of the art diet that goes well with rice. Rajasthani kadi does not include pakoras and gram flour dumplings. It is a very fast and easy preparation, which is made of gravy. Rajasthani kadi is very different from the other state's kadis.

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Pyaaz ki kachori

Pyaaz kachori, is a very popular spicy snack, mainly from Jodhpur. This spicy snack has not only become popular in every Rajasthan snack shop but has also has gained a lot of popularity in other northern Indian regions over the years. The puffy kachori is filled with spicy onion and is topped with a sweet and sour Imli ki chutney,

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