Waffles: Top Restaurants In Mumbai That Serve Them Best, Eggless


Eggless waffles were earlier a challenge to make as eggs ruled over the dessert world but not anymore. Read to find some of the best eggless Waffles in Mumbai.

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Eggless Waffles

Waffles are the ultimate soulful dessert that leaves one always wanting for more. Waffles can be eaten for breakfast or as a great dessert option. Eggless waffles are now available in many places. Eggless waffles were earlier a challenge to make as eggs ruled over the dessert world but many cafes and restaurants have tried different techniques and now successfully have eggless waffle options at their shops. Listed below are some of the great eggless waffles one must try when in Mumbai.

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Desserts in Mumbai: Best eggless waffles in Mumbai

1) The Nutcracker

This petite cafe is sure to steal hearts with its chic decor. This cafe is known for so many of their signature dishes. They have two outlets in the city and are always full of people. The eggless waffles here are a must-try. They look picture-worthy and taste even better. They are filled with chocolate oozing out from all sides and simply take you into chocolate heaven.


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2) The Pantry

This is another great place known for its signature dishes. This cafe shall definitely take you to Paris with its simple decor. The eggless waffles here a must-try. They are crispy and loaded with many toppings. They are located in Kala Ghoda and also serve waffles with fruits, honey, and organic custard. Their Double Chocolate and Caramel Banana waffles are also signature ones that one should definitely not miss out on.


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3) Ministry Of Waffles & Pancakes

This place serves some great eggless waffles. They load their waffles with chocolate and even serve till late at night. They are located in Andheri and are very popular. Their brownie waffles are hugely popular and a must-try option. 

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