What's The Secret To A Great Irish Coffee? Read Full Details


Many wonder that the great Irish coffee is be prepared from some exotic ingredients but that is not the truth. Here is how to make Irish coffee. Read on.

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Many people consider the Irish coffee to be something like German Chocolate Cake, served in Germany. If one visits Ireland, they will definitely come across outlets serving Irish Coffe which many find it to be delicious and what people find even more interesting is the fine glasses and fancy mugs that they serve. There are many versions of Irish Coffee, some being simple and some being very strong.

But, Irish Coffee is something many relishes when on their trip to Ireland. The great Irish Coffe may pop up words of bitterness in one's mind but that is what surprises the visitors and travelers. The coffee is considered to be flavourful but actually does not taste bitter at all. Read to know more about Irish Coffee:

The secret to a great Irish coffee isn't what you'd expect

It is known that the popular great Irish Coffee has its secret in the exceptional cream that they use. There is yet another thing that might put one to surprise. Many wonder and guess the coffee to be prepared from some exotic ingredients but that is not the case.

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The secret to the great Irish Coffee is instant coffee. The one which many get at the provisional store. The coffee is known to use some milder version and that using the stronger versions of coffee will upset the balance and taste of the drink. 


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Irish Coffee Recipe

One needs instant coffee, Irish whiskey, and the best cream. The cream that one will be using should be thickened but not really whipped. The next step is to layer the coffee in the order - coffee, then whiskey and then the cream in a tall mug, so that the ingredients get their own place in the glass and do not feel congested. One can recreate the whole experience at home and serve guests in a tall mug, preferably a heatproof mug.

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Using the instant espresso powder and mixing it with five ounces of boiling water will make for a good base. Adding one ounce of Irish whiskey and a big dollop of cream will complete the process. However, make sure that water is boiling as that will help the cream from getting frozen and that can cool off the coffee. 

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