Alcohol Based Sanitizers In India To Protect You From Coronavirus


alcohol based sanitizers in India are evidently a big requirement amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. Read below to know the best hand sanitizers in India.

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alcohol based sanitizers in india

Due to recent concerns surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, personal hygiene has become one of the biggest priorities for people around the globe. Few cases of the Coronavirus outbreak have also been found in India which has alarmed many people in the country. With various health governing bodies advising people to wash their hands using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, here are some of the best hand sanitizers to keep you safe from the Coronavirus. 

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Best Alcohol-based hand sanitizers in India

1) Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Arguably one of the most well-known hand sanitizers out there is the Dettol hand sanitizer. It is also recommended by the National Integrated Medical Association. A pack of 2 Dettol hand sanitizer will cost you ₹ 509 on various online and offline shopping portals. 


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2) Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer

Godrej Protekt is based on 0.125% Benzalkonium Chloride which allows it to be kid-friendly. It is meant to be used on the go as its pocketable bottle makes it easier to be carried around. It is reportedly priced at ₹50 for 30 ml. 


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3) Zuci junior instant hand sanitizer

Zuci is one of the most well-known hand sanitizers based on alcohol. It is reportedly made with with a mix of Ethyl alcohol and isopropyl Alcohol coupled with IP and Vitamin E. It is a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer which comes in different fragrances. Fragrances like grapes, apple, orange and strawberry are available for people according to their preference. This product also is relatively less cheap as a 30 ml bottle reportedly costs ₹50. 

4) Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy total 10 is a 62% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It promises to clean hands in ten seconds and also has immunity-boosting properties. The sanitizer comes in three fragrances named Lemon, Fresh and Care. It comes in three different sizes like the 30 ml, 50 ml and 190 ml, with the 190 ml bottle costing ₹200 and the 30 ml bottle costing ₹35. 


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5) Himalaya pure hand Sanitizer

Himalaya's pure hand sanitizer promises to kill 99.9% germs and is reportedly based on 70% alcohol. But what sets this sanitizer apart is the Ayurvedic properties it has. The sanitizer consists of coriander oil, hrivera, Neem and Ushira. besides this, the hand sanitizer comes in multiple fragrances like lemon, litchi and green apple. 

6) Sterillium hand sanitizer

The Sterillium hand sanitizer is one of the best portable hand sanitizers available in India. It does not require much space and is fit for people always on the move. The sanitizer is also strongly scented and is reportedly based on over 50% alcohol. It is priced at ₹300 for a 3-pack of 100 ml on online shopping portals. 

7) Savlon hand sanitizer

Savlon hand sanitizer is another best option for people to buy to stay safe from spreading of germs. It is not based on heavy alcoholic compositions which make it safe for both kids and adults. Besides this, the hand sanitizer claims to provide protection from over 100 diseases. 


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8) Janaab Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Janaab pocket hand sanitizer was recently released in India and features different fragrances. The sanitizer too promises to protect people from over 100 diseases. It comes in a pocketable size and a pack of five Janaab pocket sanitizer costs ₹249.

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