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Having Difficulty Meditating? Here Are Meditation Tips To Manage Restlessness

A lot of people have a problem with restlessness while meditating. For all the people who have a difficulty meditating, here is how you can manage restlessness.

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A lot of people face one common problem of not being able to sit at one place while meditating and that is lack of concentration. It often leads to not being able to meditate. Recently, holistic wellness coach Luke Coutinho was posted a video where he was having a talk with spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar.

During their conversation, Sri Sri Ravishankar gave some meditation tips to those who have difficulty meditating. He also gave some useful tips on how to manage restlessness.

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Luke Coutinho said that people think meditation is all about stopping the thoughts. He further added that people close their eyes and try to find enlightenment and peace. Talking about how to manage restlessness, he said that when people do not get it in a couple of minutes they just give up.

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During their conversation, Sri Sri Ravishankar said that meditation is not just about the concentration. He said that many people think of meditation as an exercise of concentration and as a result face difficulty meditating. For all the people who face difficulty meditating, here are some of the meditation tips for them in how to manage restlessness.

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Start by light exercises

In the beginning, if one feels restless, it is advised to start with light exercises. The light exercises that can be done are shaking and moving of hands for a minute or two. Other light exercises like jogging also help to relax the body and mind.

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Yoga Asanas

Before meditating, starting by doing some Yoga asanas might prove beneficial in managing restlessness. Simple Yoga asanas like Pranayam are also helpful. The breathing exercise helps in relaxing and reduces restlessness.

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Deep Breaths

Apart from the above hacks, one can also start meditating by taking 10-15 deep breaths. This helps calm down from the restless circuit. If one follows these steps managing restlessness won’t be a problem while meditating.

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