Hairstyling Tips: What Is Hair Rebonding And Do You Need It?


There are numerous hairstyling tips that one can try from but it's always advised to research well ahead of time. Read on to know what hair rebonding is?

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Hairstyling tips

Hair rebonding is one of the types of permanent hair straightening. It works on the concept of relaxing the chemical bonds of the hair thus making the curls become straighter and then rebonding it at the final stage to lock in the altered bonding of the hair. This hair treatment is basically done by those who prefer their hair straighter as opposed to curly hair and intend to have a frizz-free sleek mane. Here are all the details you might want to know before doing hair rebonding at the salon. 

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Rebonding vs Straightening

Straightening uses tongs to straighten your hair and thus uses heat to straighten the hair. Rebonding, on the other hand, uses chemicals to break the natural structure of the chemical bonds that your hair is made of using cream relaxant, post which the hair is straightened and then the hair bonds are restructured by using neutraliser which actually rebonds the hair structure giving the desired shape to the hair. Using this hair rebonding method for straightening requires regular touch-ups in 3 or 6 months. 

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Rebonding hair side effects

  • Some people have reportedly had severe hair fall in clumps due to dryness and brittleness of the hair post the rebonding treatment. 
  • Rebonding has to be done perfectly as its a chemical process and leaving the chemicals on your hair more than the required time may cause damage to your hair.
  • Due to regular touch-ups post hair rebonding, hair may become weak.
  • You can't turn back to your natural hair texture as hair rebonding is a permanent procedure and even if you leave doing touch-ups, it will take quite a long time depending on your hair growth to get back your hair's natural texture.

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Hair rebonding precautions

  •  Use the recommended shampoo and conditioner after every wash. 
  • Applying natural or homemade hair mask weekly is recommended by the beauty experts.
  • There are many rules that you need to abide by for the starting few months including not tying the hair for a few months as the tension could lead to breakage of the hair.
  • Avoid letting the hair wet in the first week of the hair rebonding treatment.

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