Health: Adding Chilli Peppers To Your Diet May Reduce Risk Of Heart Attacks, Says Study


Chillies are loved around the globe, especially in the Indian and Italian cuisine. A new study suggests that chillies reduce the risk of a cardiac arrest.

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Chilli peppers are one of the most widely used ingredients around the globe. Especially in India, people swear by spicy food and love adding chillies and spices to their food. New research suggests that there may be some serious health benefits of adding them to your diet. The study examined the effects of regular chilli pepper consumption on overall mortality rate and revealed that those who eat more vegetables have a lower risk of death. 

Adding Chillies to your diet may reduce the risk of cardiac arrest, strokes: Reports

Researchers made use of data of over 22,800 individuals living in Italy. Each person's health status was examined over a period of eight years making use of self-reported eating habits. By the endo f the study, the data showed a clear link between chilli pepper consumption and a lower overall risk of death by cardiac arrest.

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The study also found that those who made a habit of eating chilli peppers were 40 per cent less likely to die from a heart attack compared to those who rarely or never ate the veggie. To top that, the risk of death from blockages in the blood flow to the brain or from cerebrovascular issues was cut by over half. These numbers come as a surprise especially when one is talking about consuming a specific type of vegetable. The researchers also suggest that other plants from the capsicum family, which include chilli peppers, may also offer a range of health benefits that are yet to be discovered.

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Licia Lacoviello, the co-author of the study, said that Chilli pepper is a fundamental component of the Italian food culture. People see it hanging in balconies and even depicted in jewels. She further added that over the centuries, beneficial properties of all kinds have been associated with its consumption, mostly on the basis of anecdotes or traditions, if not magic. She also explained that it is important now that research deals with it in a serious way, providing rigour and scientific evidence. 

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