Health Tips | Benefits Of Green Leafy Vegetables On The Health


Health tips | Whether in whole food form, smoothies, or organic green powders, green vegetables have the power to make you feel and look younger. Read ahead-

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Health tips

Low in calories, high in fibre, vitamins, and phytonutrients; green vegetables are incredible for the health in more ways than you can imagine. Whether in whole food form, smoothies, or organic green powders, green vegetables have the power to make you feel and look younger and keep you healthy. Read ahead to know more about the benefits of consuming green vegetables on health-

Benefits of green vegetables on health

Supports optimal brain function

A recent study in Neurology showed that those who eat more green leafy vegetables have lower rates of cognitive decline compared to those who eat them not as often. In fact, old people who consume green vegetable are found to have a memory equal to someone that is 11 years younger. This stays the same, despite lifestyle changes, as long as green vegetable consumption is enough.

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Fights belly bloat

Potassium, minerals, and electrolytes are essential to keep an optimal balance in the body and are found in abundance in green leafy vegetables. A diet high in sodium can trigger bloating and green vegetables are the best solution for them. A single cup of cooked spinach, for example, contains a huge amount of potassium to get you well.

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Make your skin glow

Beta-carotene, the plant pigment that is normally associated with carrots, and other yellow-orange veggies, is also hidden in green leafy vegetables. Beta-carotene gives the skin a youthful glow and even works from the inside-out as a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Kale is one of the top sources of beta-carotene, and research shows that cooking, or consuming these vegetables as juice helps the body to better absorb this carotenoid.

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Helps balance sugar levels

Eating a serving of green leafy vegetables with every meal can support appropriate blood glucose levels. Even just including one extra serving of greens daily can make a big difference in your sugar levels. Not to mention, if you have a thyroid condition, green vegetables encourage the body to convert more T4 to Reverse T3, the inactive form of thyroid hormone.

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Supports the immune system

One of the best benefits of green vegetables is their ability to support the immune system. Greens such as moringa leaf can support a healthy response to oxidative damage. Studies specifically show the benefits of eating cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, arugula, and kale.


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