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How To Manage Anxiety Through Meditation, Music & More During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Here are some tips on how to manage anxiety while being locked up at home during the Coronavirus quarantine with meditation, sleep music and more. Read on.

how to manage anxiety

After World Health Organisation had declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, people all around the world have been observing lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. However, with such situations comes anxieties over indefinite isolation, misinformation, panic over scarce resources and much more.

Thus, taking care of one's mental well being and knowing how to manage anxiety is also an important part of the Coronavirus lockdown. For all those who are prone to spiral towards negative thoughts during such situations and others in general, here are a few tips on how to manage anxiety during the Coronavirus lockdown:

Here's how to manage anxiety amid lockdown:

how to manage anxiety anxiety tips anxiety tips tips to manage anxiety

Instead of focusing on thoughts like "I am stuck at home", one should focus their thoughts on how to make the most of this period. There are many things that one always plans to do but never finds the time to do it due to their busy schedule. With schools, colleges, universities and most workplaces shut down, they can now try and get back to those things. One can also take up old hobbies as a part of how to manage anxiety.

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How to manage anxiety with meditation

how to manage anxiety anxiety tips anxiety tips tips to manage anxiety

While going out during the Coronavirus lockdown is a strict no-no, one can take part in guided meditation sessions as tips to manage anxiety. One can listen to recordings of meditation teachers, watch pre-recorded videos or meditation sessions on YouTube to cope up with their anxiety problems during the lockdown. There are many well-guided videos and tutorials available on how to manage anxiety through meditation. 

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How to manage anxiety with music

how to manage anxiety anxiety tips anxiety tips tips to manage anxiety

There are many soothing and calm songs available online which helps in coping with anxiety. One can listen to music for a certain duration of time every day to keep their anxiety in check during the Coronavirus lockdown. If they have trouble getting sleep due to anxiety, there is also music available that calms the nerves and helps in sleeping. A head massage in this case also works wonders to cope with anxiety. 

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