Meditation: Benefits Of Conscious Breathing That You Need To Know


Conscious breathing controls the outcomes of your life by learning to take care of and control your breath. Here are 3 best benefits of conscious breathing:

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Conscious breathing is important because your life is vital. You can control the outcomes of your life by learning to take care of and control your breath. Below, we look at the three major reasons why mindful breathing is necessary to begin implementing your daily routine.

Benefits of conscious breathing

Regulate cortisol

According to Central Athlete, consciously changing the way you breathe sends a signal to the brain to adjust the nervous system's parasympathetic (rest and digest) branch. Therefore, any conscious exhalation that you take slows your heart rate and promotes calm feelings. Inversely, unconscious breathing can lead to shallow breaths and activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which controls stress horizon release. This is the most effective and cheapest way to reduce it.

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Improve digestion

According to Central Athlete, conscious breathing with an elongated exhalation is best known for its ability to tap into the autonomic nervous system's parasympathetic pathway. When your body is in a sympathetic (fighting or flight) state from work-stress, home-stress, a recent argument, road rage, or various other distractions, your blood leaves the gut and rushes to the extremities of the body, thereby decreasing the digestive process efficiency. This is because today, as it did millions of years ago, the body responds to pain.

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Central Athlete further states that since a healthy body facilitates the proper functioning of the brain, it is no wonder that the most common definition of the parasympathetic nervous system is "rest and digest." To help the unmanaged and systemic processes of your body, including digestion, degradation, and absorption, you need good organ function. An inadequate digestive process may lead to swollen, gassy, constipated, and/or diarrhoea, among other issues. 

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Lower blood pressure

We all know that blood pressure increases with stress.  If you want to lower your blood pressure, conscious breathing can be used as a strategic form of stress reduction that often improves hypertension (another name for high blood pressure). Because of stress reviving the nervous system's sympathetic pathway, as detailed above, conscious breathing allows your body to tap into the autonomous nervous system's more restful pathway. Conscious breathing done on a regular basis is the oldest and best-known method for reducing stress and thus raising blood pressure.

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Disclaimer: All information in this article has been compiled from various medical sources. User discretion is advised before starting with any health-related practice. It is advised that the reader practice Conscious breathing exercise under the guidance of an expert only.

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