Period Cramps Making You Uncomfortable? Try Yoga To Relieve Yourself Of The Monthly Pain


Yoga is the best way to stay healthy. It helps to keep your body toned and also keeps your period cramps away. Check out how yoga helps period cramps. Read here

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Period cramps

Periods can make a woman really frustrated because of all the cramps and mood swings. There are times when a woman goes through the most painful cramps during their periods. Most women resort to traditional home-remedies or painkillers to deal with this pain. However, experts believe that there are ways through which you can reduce the period pain by doing yoga.

Cure your period cramps with yoga- Latest research about the period cramps

According to Cosmopolitan, a London-based researcher analyzed 15 current studies on the effects of yoga on menstrual symptoms, including pain, quality of life, stress, mood, and mental health on women aged between 13 to 45 years. Throughout the panel, women who started practising yoga for as few as 10 minutes a day showed less pain and moodiness.

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According to a mental health nursing lecturer at King's College London, Jennifer Oates, PhD, Yoga may encourage the body to release natural painkillers and change the way pain is experienced and interpreted.  Nevertheless, more research is needed to nail down the perfect yoga prescription to relieve period woes. This includes learning which form of yoga practice is most successful, how often you would have to practice in order to benefit from it, and when you profit most from finding your flow during your cycle.

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None of the research looked at the long-term effects of yoga, so it's unclear if after the studies they were participating in, the women who took up yoga, benefitted from the practice or not. Nonetheless, Jennifer Oates recommends taking a 'Hatha Yoga' class for up to several months at least once or twice a week to measure the benefits accurately.

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