Here's Why Trundle Beds Are The Best Furniture Pieces For Indian Households


What are trundle beds? This question has bugged several furniture shoppers. Here is a compact guide that will help you understand what exactly is a trundle bed.

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what are trundle beds

What are trundle beds? This question has bugged many people when they go out furniture shopping. A trundle bed is a pull out bed that can be either used as an extra bed or as a storage unit. But if you are still confused regarding what a trundle bed is and how you can choose the right one for yourself, here is all the information you need.

Guide to choosing the right trundle bed:

What are a trundle beds?

Trundle beds are also known as truckle beds. These beds are usually wheeled out as they are tucked under a normal bed. Trundle beds are usually used for kids since the level of the bed is lower than the normal bed hence the risk involved is less. But this pattern is of a conventional trundle bed, there many kinds of trundle beds available in the market.

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Types of Trundle Beds

1.   Trundle bunk beds

Trundle bunk beds are specifically recommended for houses with three kids. A trundle bunk bed is a bunk bed that has a double trundle bed tucked under the bunk bed. This trundle bunk bed as mentioned earlier works well with families that have three kids.

2.   Trundle bed with storage

Trundle beds with storage are multi-functional beds. They are one of the best pieces to invest in if you live in a small apartment. If you do not use your trundle bed as an extra mattress, you can use it as a storage space.

3.   Trundle Day beds

Trundle beds in India are definitely meant to be multifunctional and durable. So a trundle day bed could solve many problems. Trundle day beds are beds that equipped with frames that look similar to a couch. These beds also have a handle that can be used during day time and during night time the trundle bed can be pulled out.

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Cons of a Trundle Bed

  • Trundle beds occupy the same amount of space as compared to a normal bed.
  • Since a trundle bed comes in various sizes, you need a specific size of sheets and mattresses for them. This is an essential requirement since trundle beds are smaller than the main bed.
  • When being used, trundle beds can be of some inconvenience. Since a trundle bed is attached to the main bed, it can get difficult for the person using the main bed to step out without disturbing the person sleeping on the trundle.

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