Places To Visit In Milan & Major Landmarks To Know While Travelling Here


The lavish city of Rome is not a new name in world tourism. Still, if you do not know what places to visit in Milan then feel free to check out the list below.

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Places to visit in Milan

Milan is one of the most beautiful, culture-rich cities in Italy. Milan hosts an incredible number of tourists every year who are attracted by the city’s scenic and monumental wonders. Here is a look at some of the unmissable spots around the beautiful city.

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Places to visit in Milan


Duomo is Milan’s prodigal Gothic cathedral that reflects the city’s creativity and ambition. The structure shows the work took over 600 years of its construction. The cathedral’s magnificent pearly white façade is adorned with 135 spires and 3400 statues which slightly looks dreamy. This is a sight behold for every tourist from all the corners of the world. The Duomo is open from 8 am - 7 pm, roof terraces 9 am - 7 pm and the archaeological area 9 am - 7 pm.

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The Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper is easily the most famous mural in Milan and one of the major ones in world art. It is on a wall of the refectory adjoining the Basilica di Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Depicting the moment between Christ and his disciples where he reveals he’s aware of his betrayal, it is a work of genius. The dramatic moment is one of the world’s iconic images and it will be considered a heinous crime if somebody is in the city and does not visit the Duomo. It is advised to book in advance or sign up for a guided city tour.

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Castello Sforzesco

This iconic castle was initially a Visconti fortress and later home to the mighty Sforza dynasty who ruled Renaissance Milan. Leonardo da Vinci designed the defences of this castle and later Napoleon added a few changes by draining the moat and removing the drawbridges. In today’s world, it houses seven museums that collectively hold Milan’s cultural and civic history. Among the great works, there is Michelangelo’s prolific final work, The Rondianini Pieta. 

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