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Desi Hacks: How To Grow Basil At Home; Here Are Step-by-step Instructions

Here one of the Desi hacks that you can use to grow basil at home. Here is the steps by step procedure of growing basil indoors. Read here to know more

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Basil is one of the easiest things one can grow at home. It tastes good and they can be used to make a lot of things. Buying them can be costly, but growing it at home is so easy that you will never need to buy it again. It can grow inside your home around the year.  The most common basil has a subtle anise flavour and can grow about 1-2 feet every year.

It has glossy leaves and spikes of white flowers. You can also get different nuances of taste, size, and appearance. If chosen correctly, basil can also be cultivated with cinnamon, clove, lemon, and lime overtones. Apart from this, there are types which have purple-leaves and also are know as Dark Opal and Red Rubin due to their colour. Here are the desi hacks of growing basil at home.  

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Desi Hacks: Steps of growing basil indoors

Step one of how to grow basil at home

To start growing basil at home you will need to take pots of sizes between 4 to 6". Now take some basil seeds and sprinkle them over the soil surface. Make sure the soil is moist. After this add some more soil over the seeds and water it.  

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Step two of how to grow basil at home

For good growth of the plant, you will need to place it at a warm window which has good sunlight exposure. Avoid places from where the plant can fall. With water and sunlight, the plant will start to grow. After the growth has started, make sure you keep rotating the plant so that you can all parts of the plant get sun. If you are using artificial light, then you need to set a time of 14 hours of the light to work. If the plant is leggy then move the light close and if you see white spots then move the light close.      

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Step three of how to grow basil at home

Keeping the soil moist is important but make sure you do not make it soaking wet. The plants you have potted will start to look crowded as they grow. To optimise it use scissors to thin the basil out. You can also snip the extra seedlings at the soil line and enjoy them in a salad.

Step four of how to grow basil at home

After months of planning and work, you will now enjoy the aroma of basil in your home. Of there leaves start to look pale green in colour then start using liquid fertilizer as recommended by the pack. Apart from this harvest, the seed and plant a new batch of seed every few weeks.

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