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Desi Hacks: Here Are Simple Testing Parameters To Check Purity Of Ghee At Home

Testing the purity of ghee is essential to prevent yourself from consuming adulterated food. Check these desi hacks to test the purity of ghee at home.

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Ghee is one of the most used items in an Indian kitchen. Hence, using certain ghee testing parameters is essential to ensure its purity. Here are some kitchen hacks on how to check the purity of ghee by yourself. These ghee testing parameters will enable you to test its purity and determine if it is healthy or not.

Desi Hacks: Checking the purity of ghee at home

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How to check purity of ghee?

One of the easiest and most common ways to check the purity of ghee is by putting a little bit of ghee in your palm. Let it be there for a few seconds. If the ghee begins to melt in your palm, it is pure. If it does not, there is a chance you are using adulterated ghee.


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Another interesting kitchen hack for testing purity of ghee is by using an iodine solution. Use a bowl or container and store some melted ghee in it. Once done add some iodine solution to it. If the iodine solution turns purple, the ghee you are using is adulterated with starch to be specific.


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Another ghee testing parameter is by adding coconut oil. You will need to melt some amount of ghee in a glass jar. Then add some amount of coconut oil to it and boil it again and once melted, place the glass jar in the fridge. Once solidified, check to see if the coconut oil and ghee have separated. If they separate, the ghee you are using is adulterated.


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Another easy and efficient way to check the purity of ghee is by simply putting it in a vessel. Use a teaspoon of ghee and put it straight into a vessel. Upon contact, the ghee will melt immediately and turn to a dark brown shade. If it takes a while to melt, then it may probably turn into a light yellow colour, meaning the ghee you are using is adulterated.


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Thus, these are certain ways on how to check purity of ghee. You can use these simple kitchen hacks to ensure that you are using pure and unadulterated ghee. These desi hacks can also help you to differentiate between ghee variants available and prevent you from further harm. 

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