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DIY Face Masks You Can Make At Home To Curb The Spread Of Coronavirus, See Steps

Now that masks have become a necessity to contain the spread of Coronavirus, here's how to make DIY face masks at home in easy steps to ensure safety precaution

DIY Face masks

Now that country is on lockdown, it has been made mandatory for citizens to wear a mask and leave home in case of an emergency. As per several reports, the masks need not be very professional to help fight Coronavirus. It is important that one's face remains covered as a part of precaution. If you are finding difficulty in purchasing a mask, here's a step by step guide on how to make DIY face masks at home.  

Materials needed for DIY face masks 

  • Cotton fabric
  • Lightweight inner lining fabric (optional)
  • Thin elastic 
  • Scissors
  • Thread & needle
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine (optional)

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How to make face masks at home

Step 1

Here's a quick quide on how to make face masks at home. Begin with taking your cotton fabric and cutting it down in a neat square shape. Lay the cloth down and fold the top inwards and the bottom also inwards. Repeat the process once again to get a measurement of your face from nose to chin. Put the elastic band on each of the corners near the ears, inside the material and pin it to keep it in place, making sure the elastic is not twisted. 

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Step 2

Now take your needle and thread and slowly start stitching the elastic on the two corners making sure that you can easily tuck in the band behind your ears. After which, you need to stitch the double layer folding we made earlier so that it doesn't open up. The stitches will make sure that your mask remains in shape and also protects your nose and mouth with the double thick layers. 


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Step 3

Now you are almost about to get done with your DIY face masks, complete the process if you have the inner lining fabric, which is slightly thinner than your mask fabric. Start stitching it inwards. For this, take a ruler and mark the exact measurements by placing the fabric inside. Cut out the extras and start stitching it from the inner part of the mask for better precision. And your DIY face masks are ready to keep you safe from Coronavirus. 

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