Flat Lay Photography Tips To Capture Beautiful And Aesthetic Pictures


There are many flat lay photography tips and tricks that one needs to keep in mind in order to get some beautiful and aesthetic pictures for their Instagram.

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flatlay tips for instagram

Flat Lay photography is one of the most sought after forms of art. It helps one focus on the subject of the photo and looks natural as well. These pictures also look stunning when posted on Instagram. There are some great flat lay photography tips that one can follow.

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Here are some Flat Lay tips for Instagram:

Importance of the subject

It is important to first choose what you want to photograph and understand what will make them look pleasing. If you want to take a picture of something that itself lay flat, you can just arrange it beautifully. If you want to focus on one particular thing, you need to keep the things around it monotonous so that a picture rightly highlights the subject of the photograph. 

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The right background

When it comes to flat lay photography, it is important to go for opposite colours with regards to your subject and background. Dark coloured subject matches with a light background and vice versa. The background must not be shiny and needs to highlight your subject. Using texture in the background will help bring the right ambience. Use natural things like marble, a wooden cutting board, tea towels, or washed linen.

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Add depth & volume with layers

It is important to have layers in the picture when it comes to flat lay. The flat lay photography setup should be such that shows multiple layers. For example, you first choose your subject. Then you layer it with a background using the tips mentioned above. Then, you can add some extra elements to the picture. It is important to make sure that the extra elements do not seem to be out of balance. For that, you can use things of a contrasting but lighter shade than your subject. 

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Keep a distance between objects

A great tip for flat lay photography is to keep a symmetrical distance between the things you are capturing. This gives the picture an aesthetic edge. It is not necessary though that everything looks better when placed symmetrically. It is important to properly place these objects in such a way that the picture becomes beautiful and pleasing to look at. 

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