Home Décor: Here's How To Decorate Your House With Waste Materials


Sometimes decorating your house can be expensive, but if you invest in some time, you can make these beautiful things for home decor. Read more to find out.

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Decorating your home can be expensive and burn a hole in your pocket. If you invest in a little time and bring out your creativity, you can make accent pieces to give your home a new makeover. Here are 5 different home décor ideas from waste materials.

Home decor ideas from waste material

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Dream catcher

A dream catcher is one of the most beautiful decoratives for your home. It is believed that dream catchers are hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams. This spider web design is easy to make and only needs a few things.’

  • Take a metal or wooden hoop.
  • Look for lace or wool and ribbon which is easily available at home.
  • Hold the loop and stick the ribbon around the hoop with gum.
  • After the glue dries out, tie a string of the wool around the hoop and start to loop the string around the hoop.
  • Make a spider web and embed beads in it.
  • Stick feathers using a binder clip and hold them together.
  • You can even add seashells and other materials to make it more creative.

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Flower vase

A flower vase is another decorative item you could keep in your house. Making a flower vase using plastic glasses is the best way to make use of waste material. All you need is plaster, to make a flower vase of plastic cup.

  • Take two plastic cups and cut the ends.
  • Join the two cups and tape them.
  • Stick newspaper pieces on the cup and plaster the cups then leave it for drying. 
  • Polish the plaster and paint it the way you want to using acrylic paint.
  • Let it dry and then use it as home decor in your living room or your bedroom.

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Decorative bottles

  • If you have used bottles of wine and alcohol at home, you can put them to use be decorating it.
  • Choose the bottle and wash it thoroughly.
  • Choose the filling to fill the bottle with.
  • You can select from a wide range of colourful seeds, vegetables and commonly used grains.
  • Now decide the layer of your fillings and start filling it in asymmetric order, use a funnel if needed.
  • Fill the bottle with vegetable oil to preserve the ingredients.
  • This will keep the bottle shining and make it look decorative.
  • Tie a fancy ribbon on top of it and put it on display as home decor.

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