How To Babyproof Your Apartment: Parenting And Baby Care Tips For The Newborn


Parenting and baby care look like a tough job; if you are to introduce a new member to your family, here are a few tips on how to babyproof the apartment

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how to babyproof the apartment

Raising a newborn is not an easy task. There are a thousand thoughts running through your mind and you want to a lot of things for your baby. Now, babyproofing the apartment is one of the most important things to do. The baby grows rapidly and thus there are 3-4 stages of baby-proofing the apartment. Initially, you should start baby-proofing the house even before you welcome the baby. Ideally, at least three months before your due date, because some of the recommendations say babyproofing takes time.

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How to babyproof the apartment?

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Medical kit

When you have a baby in your house, it is necessary to keep a medical kit handy. Babies are new to the environment we live in and it takes time for them to fit in this surrounding, and they can even catch infection easily. Thus, it is necessary to stock up medicines for an emergency but, do not use them without the doctor’s prescription.

Emergency contact numbers

Keep contact numbers of doctors and closed ones in handy. If you have someone looking after your baby while you are away, make sticky notes of your contact and put it up around the house.

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Non-slip pads under rugs

Rugs can get slippery sometimes and to avoid unnecessary accidents, put non-slip pads under your rugs. It is advised to opt for non-slip rugs when you pick rugs for your house, to avoid further inconvenience. Use non-slip rugs especially, near the kitchen area and outside the bathroom.

Cover sharp furniture with padding

Furniture with sharp edges to which the baby can reach easily should be covered with soft pads to prevent the baby from getting hurt. Or to avoid that, you can even swap your furniture and start using a safer one.

Latch doors and windows

Latch doors, windows to prevent the baby from getting out. Also, lock drawers which have sharp objects or other harmful things where the baby can reach easily. At first, as parents, you might find it difficult and scared to fit the baby in such an environment but as time passes, you may get used to it.

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