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These Interior Painting Ideas Will Spice Up Your Dull Walls In No Time, Here's How

Interior painting ideas are taking the interior decor industry by storm. Here's how you can add a fresh touch to your dull walls with these simple designs.

interior painting ideas

Interior decoration has become an integral part while building a house or just renovating it. But interior designing and revamping house comes with a huge price tag. So if you are looking for some simple interior designing ideas, then your one stop solution is painting your walls. So check out some of these interior painting ideas that will spruce up your wall in no time.

Simple interior painting ideas for your walls

1. Different coloured geometric shapes

One of the basic principles of interior designing is following a specific colour palette. So choose a favourite colour palette and start painting your walls in those colours but in symmetrical triangles, rectangles, hexagons and squares. This is one of the simplest interior painting ideas. Try it.

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2.  Sponge for the rescue

If you are not in to geometrical shapes, choose the asymmetrical way. Take a simple sponge and dab it in the colour that contrasts the base colour of your wall. Then start dabbing the sponge on the wall in such a way that both the colours are visible. This sponge technique is one the quickest interior painting techniques.

3. Fake a brick wall

Another interior painting design that is currently trending is a brick wall. This simple interior painting idea can be once again achieved with a single rectangular sponge. Take a rectangular sponge and make certain scales on it, thus providing it a natural brick surface. Place the paint dipped sponge on a white base wall and follow the brick placement pattern of a regular wall.

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4. Ombre mountains

Ombre mountains is one of the most aesthetic interior painting ideas. The ombre mountains designs will spruce up your wall in no time. You can paint various scenic themes with this simple mountain painted background.

5. Drip the paint

This is one of the easiest and quickest interior painting ideas. Just take some paint in an injection. Place the nozzle of the injection at the ceiling and let the paint drip on its own accord. You can experiment with multiple colours or stick to a particular colour pattern.

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