Japanese Home Decor Ideas That Will Add A Touch Of The Country's Culture To Your Home


Japanese homes are very beautiful & stand for simple living. Check out these Japanese home decor ideas that will help in adding a little Japanese culture indoor

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japanese home decor ideas

Japanese style homes are serene, peaceful and simple in every possible way. Japanese home decor ideas easily put a Japanese touch on one's household. Take a look at these home decor items that will add a touch of Japanese culture to your home.

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Five items you can add to give your home a Japanese twist

Elements of nature

Japanese culture is all about embracing nature and its elements. To add a little Japanese vibe to your home, one must bring nature indoors. Plants like bonsai and bamboo are perfect examples to add to your home to give it a touch of the culture. Any plant will add to the vibe in case bonsai or bamboo is not available. Japanese homes also tend to build large, expansive windows to allow a view of nature from the inside.

Japanese Style Sliding Doors or Screens

One of the most significant design element of Japanese homes is an authentic Japanese screen or Shoji. This would be a perfect addition to any household to give it a Japanese look and vibe. Japanese use sliding doors instead of normal doors because it saves more space. An authentic Japanese sliding door or screen is made of fine translucent paper held inside a wooden frame so that they do not block the natural light or views of nature.

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Japanese Style Furniture

A unique feature of Japanese furniture is they are really low to the ground. So to add a touch of Japanese culture to one’s home would be installing low furniture or putting a low plank table in the living room and cover the surrounding with floor cushions. Japanese people sit on the floor and that is why not many Japanese households have table chairs for dining purposes.

Japanese Style Entryway

An authentic Japanese entry is known as Genkan which is the area where visitors are greeted, where the visitors take off their shoes and replace them with indoor slippers. Outdoor shoes are not permissible in a Japanese household so they build shelves or cabinets at the entry which is called Getabako to store the shoes. Building this entry with shelves and stone tiling floors will add a Japanese vibe to the home.

A Zen Meditating Space

Japanese people are into meditating a lot so they have a room dedicated to meditating, having tea or doing yoga in the privacy of their own home. To build a Zen mediation room in your own home one must do these things, firstly put a low plank table and surround it with floor cushions, paint the room with calm colours such as green or brown, add some green plants and then play some calming music to meditate. This can be your personal space to meditate or relax.

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