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Kitchen Essentials That You Should Have At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown Period

Here are some of the kitchen essentials that are important and you must have during the Coronavirus lockdown. Read more to know about them.

Kitchen essentials

India is on a 21-day lockdown, which is till April 14, 2020. This lockdown period can be quite tricky and hence, we have compiled a list of some key kitchen essentials if you have been wondering what to store in kitchen during lockdown. Take a look at the list.

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Home tips: What to store in kitchen during lockdown?

Rice and Flour

Rice and flour are two of the most important kitchen essentials that one needs to have. As per various reports, supermarkets in the country have been restocking these two items mainly for their customers.

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Salt and jaggery powder/ brown sugar

Any dish's taste is incomplete without salt and jaggery. If you are cooking something in your house or trying to make a new dish during your quarantine, you will need salt and jaggery. So do not forget to get jaggery or brown sugar and salt. They also come under the category of key kitchen essentials.

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Fruits and vegetables 

To stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to make sure you consume fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables will keep your immune system strong. It is said that consuming Vitamin C rich foods will help boost the immune system more. Fruits like gooseberry, orange and lemon, along with vegetables like broccoli, cantaloupe, and cauliflower, among others, can help you stay strong and healthy.

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Mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil are some of the best cooking oils in the market. There are not many items that you can prepare without the help of oil. So, oil is one of the important kitchen essentials. 

Lentils and spices

Lentils or dal is also another prime item. Lentils are something that Indians consume quite often and to make them, you need spices like garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, chillies, garam masala, and many more. So make sure you buy these kitchen essentials too. 

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