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Photography Hacks You Can Try To Capture Artistic Images With Cost-effective DIY Set-ups

Photography Hacks that you can try to create DIY camera filters which give excellent results without any professional set. Read on to know more.

Photography hacks

Photography is an art, as capturing a candid moment with a camera lens with perfect light, zoom, and saturation is a skill in itself. But, if you are someone who loves clicking photos and have a basic camera or phone without any filters and wondering how to click great photos, then this article is must-read for you. 

As by using simple Photography hacks you can still click some amazing photos. These Photography hacks do not require any professional or major setup. In fact, they are also cost-effective in nature as well. So without any further ado let's take a look at some DIY camera filters and photography hacks that you can use for better photos. 


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Photography Hacks To Capture Artistic Photos Without Using Any Major Professional Set-Ups

Use A Tea Strainer For Giving A Shadow Effect 

If you are someone who likes to capture aesthetic images then using a tea strainer as a shadow filter is a photography hack you must try. In order to try this DIY camera filter, you need to hold the tea strainer above the camera lens and ask your subject(in case of a human) to stay close to the tea strainer. By doing this the small square-shaped design will fall in the most endearing way on the subject and will look amazing on the lens. Make sure that you do this near a window or door for that natural sunlight effect. 

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Small Mirrors For A Specified Design 

Capturing a specific pattern or design in a camera is a tough job to do. However, with the usage of tiny mirrors in specific shapes and sizes, you can indeed create a DIY camera filter which looks breathtaking. For this photography hack, place mirrors on something solid from a top angle in a sequence. Ideally a place from where it reflects the sunlight from mirrors on the subject. Once it does immediately capture the moment. It is important not to use too many mirrors as it might divert focus from the subject. 

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Utilizing A Transparent Sandwich Bags To get Stunning Blurry Images 

This is one Photography hack which is not just cost-effective but time effective as well. As in order to make this DIY camera filter, all you need to do is the cover camera lens and then click a picture. The usage of sandwich bag will give a blurry effect to the photo which gives more depth to images. This is one of the coolest photography tricks you can use as nicely shot, hazy images, are trending on social media nowadays.  

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DISCLAIMER | The content provided above is for information purposes only and is sourced from various websites. It is not at all intended to be a substitute for professional advice. The effectiveness of these DIY hacks might vary depending on the method, light and a number of factors etc.

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