What Is A Moss Frame And How To Style Them For A Perfect Home Decor?


Read on to know more about what is a moss frame and how to style a moss frame as a part of home decor ideas that will add a rustic charm to the house.

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What is a moss frame

With the interest in sustainable living and adding some greenery to the house is increasing every day, new home decors are also emerging to satiate this interest. The latest home decor introduced in the market, are moss frames. While mosses were only seen growing wild outdoors, now these are a part of indoor as well. Here's more on what is a moss frame and how to style a moss frame as home decor.

What is a moss frame?

Moss frames are a brilliant alternative for those who cannot accommodate potted plants indoors. They are ideal for indoors and do not require sunlight. Preserved moss stuck on to wooden frames form the basic concept of moss frames. The moss used is neither living nor dead, rather kept in a dormant state. They also do not require soil or water. Moss frames are also known as green walls. 

But one might question, what does preserved moss means? Preserved moss is when basically moss treated with chemicals to make them long-lasting. They are preserved with the help of glycerine usually and then food colour extracts are added to ensure the colour of the moss remains vibrant. Since the ingredients are water, glycerine and food colouring moss frames are harmless.

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How to style moss frames?

There are many moss frame styling ideas which one can adopt as a part of their home decor. They not only add a rustic charm to the whole space but are a great substitute for potted plants. Here are a few ideas on how to style moss frames:

Chandelier moss frames 


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Moss frame centrepiece


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Moss picture frame 


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