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Micro-cheating In Relationship Explained - Should THESE Actions Of Your Partner Bother You?

Micro cheating is seemingly harmless behaviours that may indicate a person is emotionally or physically invested in someone outside of their relationship.

What Is Micro-cheating?
What Is Micro-cheating? | Image:Unsplash

Are you tired of learning about new relationship terms every day? Brace yourselves, because we have another one coming your way. Micro-cheating is a relatively new term that refers to small, seemingly harmless actions or behaviours that may indicate a person is emotionally or physically invested in someone outside of their committed relationship. While these actions may not constitute full-blown infidelity, they can still erode trust and create feelings of insecurity and betrayal in a relationship.

Excessive flirting

One of the most common forms of micro-cheating is excessive flirting with someone other than your partner. This can include playful banter, compliments, or suggestive comments that go beyond the boundaries of platonic interaction. While harmless flirting may seem innocent, it can signal a desire for attention or validation outside of the relationship. Subtle signs include not wearing the wedding ring or having what is popularly called ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband’.

Excessive flirting is considered micro-cheating | Image: Unsplash

Keeping secrets

Another sign of micro-cheating is keeping secrets or withholding information from your partner, especially if it involves interactions with someone of the opposite sex. This could include deleting text messages, hiding social media activity, or downplaying the extent of your interactions with others. While not necessarily indicative of infidelity, secrecy can breed mistrust and undermine the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Emotional intimacy with others

Engaging in intimate conversations or seeking emotional support from someone other than your partner can also be a form of micro-cheating. This could involve confiding in a coworker, sharing personal details with an ex-partner, or seeking validation from someone outside of the relationship. While emotional connections are natural, prioritising them over your relationship can be detrimental to its health and longevity.

Social media interactions

Hiding social media interactions is a red flag | Image: Unsplash

Social media has made it easier than ever to engage in micro-cheating behaviours, such as liking, commenting, or messaging someone in a way that crosses the line of appropriate interaction. This could include excessively liking someone's photos, engaging in flirty DM exchanges, or maintaining a close online friendship with an ex-partner. While seemingly harmless, these actions can create feelings of jealousy and insecurity in your partner.

Constant and unfair comparisons

Constantly comparing your partner to others or fantasising about being with someone else can also be a form of micro-cheating. Whether it's admiring someone's physical appearance, personality, or lifestyle, idealising others at the expense of your partner can undermine the foundation of your relationship and diminish feelings of love and commitment.


Published February 16th, 2024 at 09:36 IST

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