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PM Modi Unveils A Jatayu Statue In Ram Mandir's Premise: Here's Its Significance In Lord Ram's Life

As India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a giant statue of Jatayu on Ram Mandir's premises, here's what significance it holds in Lord Ram's life.

PM Modi with Jatayu statue
PM Modi with Jatayu statue | Image:ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a giant statue of Jatayu on the premises of Ram Mandir after the historic Pran Pratishtha ceremony. He even paid a floral tribute to the Hindu demigod but do you know what importance it holds in Lord Rama’s life?

What is the significance of Jatayu in Ramayana?

In the epic Ramayana, the character of Gidhraj Jatayu holds deep significance contributes to the narrative's rich blend and serves as a symbol of unwavering devotion and sacrifice. Jatayu's tale unfolds during Sita's abduction by the demon king Ravana, a pivotal event in the Ramayana.

A representational image of Jatayu | Image:

Jatayu was a mighty eagle and a dear friend of Lord Rama's father, King Dasharatha. He crossed paths with Ravana as he kidnapped Sita. Driven by a strong sense of righteousness and duty, Jatayu bravely attempts to rescue Sita from Ravana's clutches. The battle between the eagle and the demon king is one of the most notable tales in Ramayana.


Despite his best efforts, Jatayu succumbs to Ravana's might. However, his bravery and sacrifice left an indelible mark on the Ramayana's narrative. When Lord Rama and his loyal companion Hanuman discovered Jatayu wounded and on the verge of death, they were deeply moved by his sacrifice. Rama expressed gratitude for Jatayu's firm devotion and pledged to fulfil the eagle's last wish.

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The impact of Jatayu in Ramayana and beyond

Jatayu's role goes beyond a mere episode of heroism and symbolises the eternal battle between good and evil. His sacrifice became a guiding light for subsequent events in the Ramayana and influenced Rama's resolve to rescue Sita and uphold dharma. The significance of Jatayu extends beyond the epic and finds expression in various cultural and artistic forms. His story is retold in dance, drama, and art, with each interpretation emphasising the noble virtues expressed by this heroic eagle.


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