3 L's Of Leadership - What You Need To Know About Leading A Team


Being a leader can be one of the greatest challenges in an individual's life. Read on to know more details about the 3 L's of leadership

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3 L's of leadership

During a crisis, leaders pave the road for those who are unable to help themselves. Not only do they pave the road but they also walk with them. Managers may give you insights on the process and profits, but leaders teach you about life’s principles and morale. There are three Ls to leadership. These are - the ability to Love, Listen and take a Leap of faith. 

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Loving and understanding 

A leader can never be biased. He has to listen to what others have to say. In a business context, what this means is that they need to unify the team with a collaborative effort. This L in leadership is imperative as a leader should always understand the weakest link of the team and he should turn the weakness into strengths. With their assistance, team members can thrive. Encouragement is always a good thing to practice. A leader shall not only think about the betterment of his team but for everyone. That’s what this 'L'  means in leadership.

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Listening thoroughly 

Listening is the most important part. Assessing the situation is the first step in dealing with it. Ask questions to your leaders. They will give you insights that will have a great impact on your life. A good leader never shuts people down. Research has also shown that listening can help in developing relationships, teams, and leaders. Listening thoroughly and acting accordingly will work for the benefit of everyone. It is also a key management part of leadership. 

Taking a Leap

Tending and listening are one of the most important aspects of leadership. But taking a leap is one of the imperative parts of being a good leader. Leaders transform others’ lives as they do their own. They help bring others to new levels. Taking a leap can push teams together to a whole new level which will indeed boost productivity and dedication to achieve a specified task. 


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