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Homemade Mothers' Day Cards, DIY Scrunchies And Other Gift Ideas

Here are some unique and creative DIY ideas for this mothers' day. You can make homemade mothers' day cards or even DIY photo frames. Read more.

homemade mothers' day cards

For Mothers' Day, children come up with all the unique ideas to make their mothers feel special. This year mothers' day falls on May 10. The day is very important as the children get an opportunity to thank their mothers for all the wonderful things that their mothers do for them each day. Every year, people come up with thoughtful gifts for their mothers. But this year, due to the quarantine, going outside and buying gifts may not be possible. In this case, what could be better than making a DIY gift for your mother that she will always remember? DIY gifts are all about one's creativity and love. So this mothers' day, do something unique for your mother to make her feel special. 

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Here are some DIY Mothers day gift ideas

Homemade mothers' day cards

Mothers' day cards are very easy to make but are very thoughtful. The most important thing in homemade mothers' day cards is the message that you put inside. The message should come from your heart and it should make your mother feel very special about all that she has done for you. Homemade mothers' day cards do not have to be very fancy. It could be simple and still speak a lot of words for you. Here is a look at some simple but creative Homemade mothers' day cards that you can easily make at home. Watch the video below.

DIY Photo frames

By using some good photographs you can make a DIY photo frame for your mother. With basic stationery items like craft papers, glue, cardboard or even icecream sticks, you can easily make a simple photo frame for your mother. Use your creativity to make this photo frame look unique. This photo frame is something that your mother will always remember. Include a short and sweet message along with the photo frame and wish your mother on Mothers' day. Check out the videos on how to make a DIY photo frame. 

DIY colourful keychains 

Keychains are considered as some of the perfect gifts. The receiver of your DIY keychain will always tend to remember you whenever they are using the keychain that you gifted them. DIY keychain is also perfect for gifting your mother on this mothers' day. Your mother would surely love the keychain that you made over the storebought keychain. For making a DIY keychain, you will need some colourful strings, colourful buttons and a piece of cardboard. Refer to the video below. 

Apart from these gifts, there are some other things that you can do for your mothers like:

  • Making a picture or a video collage for her. You can include some of the best pictures in this collage and share it with your mother.
  • You can also bake a cake for your mother on this day to make it more memorable.
  • You can also make a funky bracelet for her using some colourful beads some safety pins.
  • Make a DIY scrunchy for your mother using colourful fabric.  

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