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Republic Day 2024 Special: 7 popular Desserts From 7 States

On this day, vibrant and diverse dishes from the nation add a flavor of sweetness to the festivities. India boasts a rich array of

Orange kheer | Image:poojaskitchencafe/Instagram

Republic Day is approaching. On this day, vibrant and diverse dishes from the nation add a flavour of sweetness to the festivities. India boasts a rich array of desserts that reflect the country's cultural tapestry. From the most loved Gulab Jamun to the west, aromatic Basundi captivates with its condensed milk richness. The delectable Mysore Pak and the coconut-infused Kerala Payasam add regional flair.

This Republic Day becomes an opportunity to indulge in these sweet delights that can be an option as both a culinary celebration to represent India's cultural unity in diversity.


1. Andhra Pradesh, Pootharekulu Kunda

It's a delicious rice dessert that is loved and relished by several people. It has a paper-thin texture and offers many varieties.  This can be stuffed with ingredients such as dry fruits, jaggery, powdered sugar, and even chocolate powder.



Image credits: foodloveisforever/Instagram


2. Arunachal Pradesh, Khapse 

It is widely made during the Tibetan/Sherpa New Year. These sweet biscuits are deep-fried and served in various sizes and shapes.



Image credits: sizzle_n_whistle/Instagram


3. Assam, Komolar Kheer

Also known as orange kheer, Komolar Kheer is the most common Assamese dessert. It is made using almonds, milk, orange pulp, and cashews. It may taste quite different but it is interesting in its way.

Image credits:poojaskitchencafe/Iinstagram


4. Bihar, Thekua

 Thekua is a popular dessert from Bihar. It is prepared from chashni, flour, ghee, and jaggery. It is often used in Chhath puja as a ritual offering to God.

5. Chhattisgarh, Til ke Ladoo 

Til ke Ladoo is a popular dish from Chhattisgarh and is prepared using roasted sesame seeds. It is then mixed with jaggery and peanuts and later converted into ladoos. It is usually prepared during the Makar Sankranti festival.

6. Goa, Bebinca

It is a traditional yet classic Goan dish that is a layered cake prepared with coconut milk, nutmeg, eggs, and flour.
It is often served with ice cream to enhance the flavor. It is a traditional Indo-Portuguese dessert and traditionally consists of seven layers.

7. Gujarat, Ghari

Ghari is a very popular dish from the state of Gujarat. They are maida puris, which are loaded with nuts and mawa. It can be prepared with various flavors like almonds, elaichi, mawa, and pistachos as well. It is usually prepared during Diwali.



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