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Rose Day 2024: Understanding The Significance Associated With Different Colours Of The Flower

Knowing the significance of different colours of roses on Rose Day adds a layer of meaning to this special occasion.

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Significance of different roses
Significance of different roses | Image:Unsplash

Rose Day, celebrated on February 7th, marks the beginning of Valentine's Week, and it's a day when people express their feelings through the language of roses. Each colour of rose carries its own significance, conveying a range of emotions and sentiments. Understanding the meaning behind different colours adds a thoughtful touch to this special day and you can gift particular roses to people in your life who mean something to you.

Red roses

Red roses are the quintessential symbol of love and passion. They convey deep emotions and are the perfect choice for expressing romantic love. Gifting red roses on Rose Day signifies a profound and genuine love for the recipient.

Red roses represent love | Image: Unsplash

White roses

White roses represent purity, innocence, and a new beginning. They are often associated with feelings of reverence and loyalty. White roses can be given to express pure and sincere emotions, making them suitable for a variety of relationships.

Yellow roses

Friends are forever and everyday is a good day to celebrate friendship bonds. Yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy. They convey feelings of happiness, warmth, and genuine companionship. Giving yellow roses on Rose Day is a delightful way to express appreciation and celebrate a strong bond of friendship.

Pink roses

Pink roses are for admiration | Image: Unsplash

Pink roses come in various shades, each carrying its own meaning. Light pink roses convey sweetness and admiration, making them ideal for expressing affection. Darker shades of pink symbolise gratitude and appreciation, making them suitable for various relationships, including deep platonic ones.

Orange roses

Orange roses represent enthusiasm and energy. They convey a sense of fascination and convey a message of admiration. Gifting orange roses on Rose Day expresses a desire for a budding romance or admiration for someone special.

Orange roses are for budding love | Image: Unsplash

Green roses

Green roses represent growth, harmony, and balance. They are often associated with a sense of renewal and fresh beginnings. Gifting green roses can convey hope and a desire for a prosperous future together. It can also mean moving on from turbulent times and hoping for a fresh start.


Published February 5th, 2024 at 13:25 IST

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