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Resorts Near Jaipur You Must Visit Whenever Travelling To The Pink City

Jaipur, apart from its scenic beauty, is also known for its resorts. Read on to know about some of the best resorts near Jaipur. Here is the complete list.

resorts near Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state Rajasthan. It is also called the Pink City for its trademark building colours. Jaipur is a very popular tourist place and attracts a lot of visitors who are looking to spend their holidays exploring ancient forts and palaces and the beautiful desert. So naturally, the place is filled with resorts and hotels.

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Resorts To Visit Near Jaipur

The Tree of Life Resort & Spa

The Tree of Life Resort & Spa is an exclusive collection of 14 luxury villas set in the verdant surroundings of the Aravalli ranges. Interestingly, each villa is named after an Indian tree and the interiors reflect the colour of the flower the tree bears. The spectacular view from the high open-air sit out the ridge, the bell-shaped infinity pool in between two ridges, and unique cooking experience with the chef, starting from fetching veggies from the local market till the plating of the dish is the main attractions of this resort. Also, one can take a ride in the 1965 Vintage Willys Jeep into the local village.

Samskara Resort & Spa

Samskara Resort & Spa is a unique experience. This one-of-its-kind boutique wellness resort is sure to blow one's mind with its eccentric and endless features. If your ideal stay involves living in luxury villas and rooms set amidst totally natural environs, then this is the perfect place for your Jaipur staycation. Among other facilities, the lush green outdoors is sure to rejuvenate your senses and make you forget about all stresses of life. Many of the villas in this resort property feature private pools and various plunge pools apart from delightful private gardens and courtyards. 

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Chokhi Dhani Resort

If you want to experience Rajasthan lifestyle to the fullest, Chokhi Dhani is the place. Ethnicity at its best, it is a luxury hotel with the promise of pleasing all your senses with a riot of colours, traditional architecture, mouthwatering food, and culturally vibrant scenes and sounds. One can easily choose from a range of dining experiences: Bindola, Aarogosa, Chandi Mahal Bar, Chandi Mahal Lounge, barbecue, and Kesari Kyari or a traditional sit-down meal while witnessing typical Rajasthani performances.

Sunrise Health Resort

Sunrise Health Resort is first-of-its-kind, Naturopathy Resort. Crammed with a multitude of treatments for the tired soul, it is an ideal getaway for rejuvenating the self and getting charged once again to take on the hectic pace of urban life. Aside from the Naturopathy facilities this resort also possesses a Water Park for an all-round recreation, live dances and folk performances, and an excellent amphitheatre to enjoy open-air live stagings.

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