Best Chicken Sandwiches In Mumbai That Must Be Tried By Every Food Lover


There are several options to have chicken sandwiches in Mumbai. Have a look at all the places you need to visit if you wish to have good chicken sandwiches.

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chicken sandwiches in Mumbai

Chicken sandwiches serve as a great snack and sometimes can be used as a full-fledged meal as well. There are different kinds of chicken sandwiches served around the city which must be tried by every meat lover. Have a look at the list here.

Chicken Sandwiches in Mumbai

1.       Candies

Candies is one of the best places to go for if you are a fan of non-veg sandwiches. You will be given the option to try out other things as well as the menu served here is huge. You can go for good appetizers as well. You need to try out the salad along with the sandwich. It is located near Pali Hill in Bandra West.

2.       Chocolateria San Churro

This place serves the best chocolate coated dishes. You need to try out the Hot Chocolate served here. They have a dish called the smoked chicken sandwich. It is one of the much-loved dishes served here. You can also go for the grilled chicken sandwich. The variety in the menu is what attracts the people here. It is located at Silver Pearl in Bandra West.

3.       Hearsch Bakery

Hearsch Bakery at Bandra is another great option to go for. You have a variety of chicken dishes served here. You need to try out the mutton roll and the chicken sandwich here. The chicken sandwich is so well made it literally melts in your mouth. In sweets, you can try out the chocolate eclair. It is located near Café Mocha.

4.       B’wiched

B’wiched is a place at Vile Parle in Mumbai. You get a Roast Chicken sandwich here, which must be tried by every food lover. You will also get low carb chicken salad here. Another highlight of this menu is the creamy garlic chicken sandwich. You will also have other healthy options to choose from. It is located next to Chand Society.

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5.       IMBISS Meating Joint

This place is renowned for the variety in meat options, as inferred from the name. You will have options like smoked chicken sandwich and buffalo wings. You can visit this well-decorated place at Hill Road in Bandra.

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