Too Much Spinach? This Sandwich Sparked Debate On Right Amount Of Greens

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Recent tweet by writer-producer Josh Gondelman, showing his turkey sandwich with too much spinach has launched a debate on Twitter, celebrities participate.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:
Too much spinach

A recent tweet by writer-producer Josh Gondelman showing his turkey sandwich with a humongous amount of spinach has launched a debate on Twitter. In the caption of the tweet, the comedian explained the lady at her bodega snuck an entire salad into his sandwich. The amount of the vegetable has divided the internet and left many wondering about the right amount of greens one should have. 

Popeye situation

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Many comedians, as well as celebrities, stepped up in the debate. Andy Lassner who is the executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Game of Games tweeted that the woman should be arrested for putting so much spinach in the sandwich whereas comedian Donni Saphire said that it looks good as hell. Another user reacted by comparing the situation to that of the famous cartoon show Popeye. Gondelman while revealing people how he, at last, consumed the sandwich wrote that he ate it by pulling out all the spinach and eating it like a fully separate salad with a fork. Catch all the reactions here: 

Bodega also said that he doesn't think that it was too much spinach to eat, but it was definitely too much spinach to put on a sandwich. Talking about the debate he said, that he enjoyed the people joking that his bodega woman was trying to kill him with contaminated romaine. The responses have been evenly divided with a slight skew toward agreeing that there was a little too much spinach on the sandwich, he added.

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