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Umbrella Cover Day: History, meaning, significance and celebrations

6th of July is celebrated as Umbrella cover day every year. Here’s everything you need to know about the umbrella cover day history, meaning and more

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Umbrella Cover Day history
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6th of July is celebrated as Umbrella Cover Day every year. Umbrella covers are probably the most underrated parts of an umbrella. To acknowledge the importance of umbrella covers, a special day is dedicated to celebrating these covers every year. While it may seem unusual to have a special day dedicated to umbrella covers, it is extremely important not to ignore the importance of umbrella covers as these covers have a lot of uses. Here's some information that will give a better understanding of the Umbrella Cover Day. 

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Umbrella Cover Day meaning:

Umbrella Cover Day is celebrated on the 6th of July to recognize the importance of the most neglected part of the umbrella. One of the most important uses of an umbrella cover is that it helps to carry a wet umbrella during the rainy season. However, before understanding the Umbrella Cover Day significance, it is extremely important to understand the Umbrella Cover Day history. So here is some background and history about the Umbrella Cover Day:

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Umbrella Cover Day History:

The origin and creator of the Umbrella Cover Day are not commonly known. However, whenever one questions about the history of this day, mention of Hoffman’s museum is often made. In 1996, Hoffman opened a small museum in Portland, Maine. Hoffman kept about 80 umbrella covers in this museum. As of date, the museum has about 700 covers of different shapes and sizes. The museum also holds a Guinness world record as it houses the most significant number of umbrella covers in the world. This museum has been greatly instrumental in the matters of generating awareness about umbrella covers.

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Umbrella Cover Day Significance:

The Umbrella Cover Day should not be ignored as umbrella covers have several uses. Some of the uses of umbrella covers are:

  • An umbrella cover helps to carry a wet umbrella during the rainy season.
  • It helps to protect the umbrella from moths and insects.
  • It helps to keep an umbrella new and attractive.

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Umbrella Cover Day Celebration:

Umbrella Cover Day celebrates the stories of umbrella covers and encourages one to store their cover safely. Here are some ways to celebrate the umbrella cover day:

  • Use your umbrella cover to decorate your room.
  • Send your umbrella cover to a museum.
  • Share your Umbrella Cover Day story on social media by using the hashtag #UmbrellaCoverDayCelebrations.

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So what are you waiting for? Dig into that drawer of yours and find that long lost umbrella cover that you forgot about. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Umbrella Cover Day 2020.

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