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Vishwakarma Jayanti 2024: Date, Significance, Rituals Of The Festival

Lord Vishwakarma who is considered to be the universe's first architect is honoured on this day.

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On the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti, people across the country worship Lord Vishwakarma, who is considered to be the first engineer or architect of the universe, in their workplaces, be it shops, factories, or businesses. This is a very important Hindu festival, celebrated in many parts of the country.

Date of Vishwakarma Jayanti

Vishwakarma Jayanti 2024 is being celebrated this year on Thursday, February 22. The Trayodashi date of Magh Shukla Paksha began on February 21 and will end on February 22, according to the Panchang. According to Udayatithi, the grand and auspicious festival of Vishwakarma Jayanti is being celebrated on Thursday, February 22. Lord Vishwakarma was born on the Trayodashi day of the Magh month, which falls between January and February in the Gregorian calendar, as per ancient texts.

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Significance of Vishwakarma Jayanti

Hindus around the world celebrate this day to honour Lord Vishwakarma's important role as the universe's first architect and eminent engineer. He is also known to have created the powerful trio of Mahadev, Sudarshan Chakra, and various divine weapons. He's credited with the creation of celestial realms like Indradev's heaven and remarkable structures like Lord Krishna's palace in Dwarka and the dazzling, golden city of Lanka.

Rituals of Vishwakarma Jayanti

Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated by worshipping Him. Devotees begin their day by waking up early, taking a bath and changing into fresh clothes before sunrise. Homes, vehicles, factories and shops are thoroughly cleaned on this day. Gangajal is used to purify the entire space. Some people also make Rangoli and Lord Vishwakarma's idol is placed in the temple. Lamps with ghee are lit and prasad like laddu and mishri is offered to Him.


Published February 22nd, 2024 at 10:12 IST