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What is Easter? Here's all you should know about Easter celebrations

Here is everything that you need to know about Easter and its celebrations. Continue reading to know more about this Holiday and festival.

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In the year 2020, Easter falls on April 12, Sunday. The Friday before Easter's day is known as Good Friday. Easter's day does not have a fixed date, unlike Christmas. The Easter's date is decided by a complex set of calculations based on observations of the moon.

What is Easter? 

Easter is also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday. It is a festival and holiday that commemorated the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as a Holy Week. The Easter Holy day falls on April 12 this year. As per the New Testament of the Bible, Easter's day occurs three days after the crucifixion of Jesus by Romans. The day of Easter is known to conclude the Passion Of Christ which begins with 40 days of fasting Lent. The fast is concluded in the Holy Week.  The Holy Thursday is the celebration of Jesus's last supper and Good Friday is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Holy Week ends on Easter Sunday. 

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Easter celebration

The Sunday which is before the Easter Sunday is called Palm Sunday. This Sunday marks the arrival of Jesus Crist in Jerusalem. Various churches start celebrating in the late hours of Saturday. The religious service is conducted and it is known as Easter Vigil. Several non-religious activities like Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are also a part of Easter celebration. 

Easter eggs and Easter bunnies

Easter eggs are chocolate-filled eggs or eggs painted in bright colours with sweets inside are gifted on this day. As Easter's day occurs after the period of 40 days lent fasting, people happily take part in these activities. Easter eggs also represent fertility and birth. The Easter bunny delivers chocolates and sweets to the children on Sunday morning. Some people also arrange fun activities for children and adults on this day. The games like a treasure hunt where the participants have to search for Easter eggs and also other game like egg rolling or egg decorating. 

Here is a look at Easter celebrations around the world


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